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thanks BrookeLyn FD, Fable isn't a Ubisoft game...somehow I missed that.

BrookeLyn FD

Umm check your errors.. Fable isnt Ubisoft



I think we're a great team. We're not immature, stuck up, and we love to game. That's what it's all about. I have a great time playing and hanging out with these girls at events. :)


Well, we are all legitimate gamers and if you doubt that, let's play!


I don't think we're a poor team when you consider we play 3+ games a week in a few different genres as well as PC and console. We're constantly playing something new and if you put any PC gamer onto a console game and then look at their stats the first week, they're going to suck. Look at my stats in a few months, then tell me the same thing. :)

Anyway, I'm proud to say that Ubisoft has supported the gaming industry in a great way and if it takes a bunch of girls to try their hardest to kick butt at tourneys to get more people interested in the industry and this whole eSports thing, then I'm all for it! Represent! haha

See you at the next CPL or WCG. :b


I think these's girls are a horrible example of what a female clan is. The problem in the individuals they chose were people with the gaming industry connections already. I heard of this before a company advertising publicly just make an official public job search ad. But in reality it's not intended for individuals in the public. That's why their true gaming skills were not tested, like their claim or else where’s the proof. We all know how gamers of high caliber tend to rubb in everyone’s face their skills. Otherwise why the need to lie and pretend that you can kick men ass at their game; what a coincidence that Rhoulette is a Fragdoll oh yeah she only works for Ubisoft, Katscratch was a former Ubisoft employee so stop trying to deny it. I don't know about Jinx, Brookelyn, Eekers, and Valkyrie. Maybe someone here can do the research on their association with someone in Ubisoft. I am pretty sure you’ll find it. And that's why their not the real example of what a gaming clan is. If you go thru their stats you'll see what a poor example of a team they show in the online world.

Fragdolls Halo 2 Stats as a clan

Fragdolls Members stats

- Rhoulette FD
Halo 2
Rainbow Six 3 BA (No stats)
Ghost Recon Island Thunder

- Valkyrie FD
Halo 2
Rainbow Six 3 BA (No stats)

- Seppuku FD
Halo 2
Rainbow Six 3 BA (No stats)

- Brookelyn FD
Halo 2
Rainbow Six 3 BA (No stats)

- Katscratch FD
Halo 2

Rainbow Six 3 BA (No stats)

- Eekers FD
Halo 2
Rainbow Six 3 BA (No stats)

And for the rest of the other games they don't appear online. You can go to various websites that take care of clan matches and you'll never find the fragdolls register to compete against nobody the fragdolls are not a clan let be set straight.

Here's a quote by Valkyrie FD
How To Make A Clan Succesful!
Nov 1, 2:42pm [70 COMMENTS]

As a clan leader that has been around since beta testing days and competes every night, I have seen a lot of clans fail in this community we call Xbox Live. Leaders must position their teams to take advantage of these new opportunities that are emerging, so I thought I would share some pointers for others out there interested in competitive clans.

© 2001 - 2004 Ubisoft Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.
Ubisoft and the Ubisoft logo are trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in the U.S. and/or other countries.

- > > > more here: http://www.fragdolls.com/blog.php?doll=valkyrie&p=87

Is this individual is clan leader as she claims to be why is that she doesn't play with the rest of her members of the fragdolls? They sure have time to go those amazing trips that Ubisoft pays for them. But they don't have real actual time to play with each other as a group. I hope somebody else sees this brings this more out in the open. Because this is not fair, their giving us female gamer groups a bad reputation. :( :( If you're going to make a group of female at least make an effective one that is not just in it for the money like they female adults seem to be after.



Click on my name to see the pic that Mr. Oi has reffered too...very clever use of a jpeg Oi...


Ladies and Gents we have just been cursed by his Majesty King George. God bless the Brits, FYI Wankers is just plain ole wack offs on this side of the pond!


Hey dont talk shit you lil wankers brookes my aunt so you guyz can shut up biatch


Dieter, so true...so many sites - but maybe it's hot because guys gaming like the thought of girls gaming???


Hmmm, this develops into a hot topic. I just wonder who wants to read their blog anyway? There are gazillion gaming sites out there, who are well established AND competent. Just because a person has nice titts and is fertile won't turn you into an expert - especially not, when they are hardly old enogh to wield a joypad anyway ...

I think out of those 7 girls there's only two that can be considered hot Jinx and Brooke.

What's the big deal I've seen hotter girls than those girls. To me they look pretty average. Some of them are kinda of thick.


Ubisoft ist smart: catching campers with young pussy. 10 points for the idea, but only one for the girls.


Haha Sal or I mean, Tsk tsk...So confused, I don't know whether it's ok for me to laugh at that...seems us insensitive men types are propogating the "gamer-bimbo" stereo-type.


Blast. There's no "Skin" option on the website.


So what's the big deal if their female gamers promoting for UBI? It’s not like is the first time a software company sponsors a group. Oh I know why, because those groups were guys and now the new one is girls. Hey I’m a female gamer and I have been one since NES and no I am not over weight. I play a lot UBI games too, which is why I was even interested to start w’. So if they would’ve chosen me since I applied for it too; you would’ve been bashing me too Sachant? I don’t think you people are being fair. Put yourself in theses girls’ shoes.

I’m just disgusted by all this controversy, especially since it all started by a female gamer. Just shameful to see other female gamers don’t even have each other’s back. After we get treated like sluts, bimbos, etc…by the assholes. I would think we would all stick to each other.


As if gaming didn't have enough sex-appeal already, they go and do this! I actually met my wife at a Halo party...well, not really. She was actually calling me wondering when I was going to come home and stop wasting my time on a video game. But that's almost the same.


Oh yeah.. they game. Don't worry about that. I know one of the girls who has been an author for some gaming sites and ran a couple of her own before.

I was one of the women that interviewed as well but I'm thankful now that I got passed over. ;) I'm assuming a woman who games and has kids is a bit more than their marketing would like to pass on.

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