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Hoya de Monterey Torpedo

Hoya de Monterey Torpedo

Always flew with one of these during combat enough you don't mind it being crushed up in your G-suit as we dodged what they were shooting at us.

Benefit of being overseas was we always enjoyed decent Cubans after each mission at non-outrageous prices. I've got several favorites among them...too many to list.

Probably a more rare 'cigar smoking' picture than most. Needless to say, I didn't smoke that while air-to-air refueling...just a bit of a taste. The sand below is north border of Saudi/south border of Iraq...altitude is ~upper 20 thousands to lower 30s. I'm the mission commander at this charge of about $6.9B in US/UN airborne assets and around 80 aircraft. No better time for a cigar break...