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Olivier Mevel (Violet)

Dear Brain :-)

I promise I will send you the new product. Nabaztag.

Meanwhile you can have a look at : http://www.nabaztag.com/nabaztag_09_small.jpg and when we have the translation done I'll send you the description of the rabbit (yes it moves its ears!).


Olivier...love to receive the Dal. Would dedicate an article to it...give it honest feedback.

Olivier Mevel (Violet)

... sorry for the delay ... I have just seen the post : the next Violet product will ship this spring and will be much cheaper and we will send one for free !! (It changes colors but also play sound and music and ... and ... moves its ears !)


I'm kind of in agreement with the last comment. Problem is, the wrong people would be wearing the backpack--those that should be, would be black and blue. Actually this desk thingie reminds me of the old mood rings--only difference being that you were generating your own "messages" and could respond appropriately to whatever your own mood dictated--this little goodie could have you in a tailspin from the time you sat down at your desk, or until you passed out from the hypnotic effect. This is exactly why most in the USA--with the exception of Seattle, are out of shape mentally and physically. Too many are depending on something or someone else to create their moods, to tell them how and what to feel, instead of getting out on that bicycle and creating their own healthy reality.


I'm going to invent a backpack with a big robotic hand that slaps a person upside their head every time they say something stupid. The color of the back of their head will reflect my mood. I'll give you one of those free...:)


I ignore those...I think I'd make those messages green - for money/or envy. Haters"...


You never get angry pay-it-back-now spam from your bank, then?

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