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other side conveniences...
when your skateboard loses a wheel...these are interchangeable
when you can't find a place to fit that decapitated cranium, the backseat will hold one (if it's small)
the cup holder will hold the 6 oz chocolate drink, but if you spill it you'll electrify yourself
odd, to me, that they named it the Tango...after all, once a girl sees you in this thing you're not going to get a date and you're definitely not going to be doing the Tango!
Good news...if it breaks down or runs out of battery juice 3 of them will fit in the back of a Ford F-150 and still have room for the farmer's dog.


I rode a bike for several years...not because I care so much for the environment, but rather because I like riding a bike...and once you get used to strapping everything you NEED on your back - it get's easy to learn to place it a tight area. I mainly like the Tango because it could eventually mean easier traffic flow, and less room needed for parking. Both conveniences...not necessities.


Oh the inconvenience! I'll be the first hypocrite to admit the thought of something like this seems stupid, even after I decry how conventional vehicles are depleting our resources faster than we can ever hope to renew them...


Yeah...it's not much for hauling stuff...and I forgot to mention...you'll have to plug it in once you get where you are going!!


...yeah, if you don't want to carry anything in your car besides your body!

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