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I'm back baby!! Been a while...

This completely reminds me of the movie Office Space only the cubicles are even smaller! Hard to believe.

Best quote there: I wouldn't say I've been missing work Bob.

I can agree on an earlier point...that almost every piece of furniture has a place. This eNook may be perfectly suitable for those that don't spend hour after drudging hour at the desk...perhaps breaks given by travel, exciting meetings (oxymoron?), or multiple office locations would provide the eNook as a reasonable alternative to Tom's rolltop desk.

Personally, I like a desk that offers more than 6 feet of focal distance once you're sitting at the desk. This provides for an easy place to chat with someone while you're at the desk and a nice opportunity to focus farther away than the length of your own arm.


I think you need a bigger desk than that. looks very small.

Mr O

OK, well maybe at home you feel like you want grandma's old stuff and you can talk about it all you want.

But at the office I want a multi-functional, trendy, almost disposable peices. Of course this depends on the manner of business you are doing. Lawyers office, ok you will need the cherry finish stuff.

I am just saying that in any high pressure marketing field you need to have the office funiture feel a part of the business.

Just Orange Juice,

Mr. Orange


I can dig it Tom...authenticity in your furninture is a definite plus for me in a lot of pieces.

tom delong

I am going in the opposite direction here brain...I just acquired a cherry roll-top desk that must weigh close to a ton. It takes up an unbelievable amount of space, and I wouldn't trade it for my eye teeth.


Mr. Orange...I completely agree with you in the color schematics. Burnt oragnge and metal would look LOVELY!!!

As far as the toilet desk goes...in my own life I have many inspirational moments there. I could see capatalizing on them with makig it a workspace. However, if this does become a reality...don't let me know about it. I don't want to believe that anyone is sending me messages from the toilet.

Mr. O

This is pretty cool, but still this would not work in the bathroom. I need one of those come-around or flip-up desk tops for my white throne. What do you think? I think there is a market, sure there is, may not even be gender specific.

The product does look weird how the labtop has to turn side ways to fit when the door does up. WHat about a way to secure the computer to the door, that way the whole unit would fold completly?

I do think it is a really good price, being under $500. Very marketable to the public. I do wish it came in a burnt orange and brushed metal, but I guess I can't have everything.

Mr Orange

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