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Now that is fuNNy, Cancer. Thanks for the laugh this morning.


How many words would have to be considered if we really stopped to think about all the terms we use for "breasts"? Seriously, we'd cut out half the words in the dictionary that way. Jugs, knockers, fun-bags, twins, and tracks-of-land come to mind (just to name a few).

And I was just about to invent a little device for the front door called a "Knocker" that could be used to let someone know you were there...oh well.


One minor problem they might have to consider in this product's internationalisation drive, is that most English speakers outside America understand "norks" to mean "breasts".



Me, I am waiting for the petrol-driven chain-knork.


I have thought about this since I first saw the spork, circa 1982. The main drawback was cutting your mouth. I guess they solved it by making it dull. The main problem with this utensil is that in order to cut something such as steak or chicken, you need to hold it steady with, guess what? A fork! If you are needing to cut food that is a little softer, the edge of a normal fork usually works fine. Although not usless, it almost falls under the Chindogu catagory. Ever see the usless japanese inventions known as chingdogu? http://www.chindogu.com/chindogu/chin2.html


Now you know what to get me for Christmas.


great to hear from you tom, and indirectly...david? yeah, the shank thing kinda rings a bell with me too...weird, seems like the thing should cut the inside of your mouth.

tom delong

Sorry it's been so long since I have commented, David and I have been on a couples retreat and I am happy to report that things are much better between us.

As far as the knork goes...don't they call this a "shank" or a "shiv" in the prison movies?


I use these to stir my bathwater.



Only place I have seen them so far is on their website...which I have a link to in the body of the article. If you get some, let us know what becomes of them. thanks!


Cool product! Where do you find these?? Bed Bath ....? Cool product!

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