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Glad to hear you like our eNook, I'm Melissa, with Anthro and I wanted to let you know we are having our Birthday Sale through the month of October. I thought you'd be interested in our weekly special (10/13-19) on the eNook, that's over $180 off. Come check it out at www.anthro.com


thanks nichole...and if any new readers here want my opinion on my take on the eNook some 6 months after installing it in my office, here it is.

If you like to walk up to your desk, check your email, read your blog, or just pop in and out of your desk environment - BUY THIS DESK. It still rocks, people still walk over to see my workspace and I am still more than pleased with the eNook. There you go, my two cents.

Nichole S

I work for Anthro,the manufacturer of eNook, and thought you might be interested to know that there is a big sale on eNook right now. (You can save $150.00 for a limited time.)

tom delong

a.brain - how is the eNook working out for you now?

C. Alcorn

I work for a mnaufacturer of similar type work stations. Our work stations are primarily used in the healthcare field as an alternative to computer carts. Have a look - www.proximitysystems.com


Compliments are flooding in from co-workers. People are really digging it...and of course, it should go without saying that I still like it.

John S

Was directed here from Anthro's site to see what you had to say about the eNook and I really like your blog. Will add it as one of my feeds...thanks, John.


JO, will report back over some time with satisfaction levels. TuneTie? will check that out...

appreciate the nod.

amy...come by and check it out sometime...love to see you back.

cancer...can't wait to see your bath tub - wait, scratch that.


I use workstations like this to stir my bathwater.


Tom - I hate to break it to you, but a.brain never stands in one place for extended periods of time...

I dig it, a.brain. Even makes me a little homesick - I always thought I'd be around to see it.


where's the TIP LINE on here?? I have found sooo many items/links/etc from BB over the years & have an item I would like the brain staff to look at.... it is the TUNETIE (TuneTie) from Belkin. Would like to see what u think of it.


I love to stand and work as well.... how much was that one abrain??? saw it on here a while back when featured and loved it then.... can u report back how it works out in a few??? is it solid or what??? come on Cletus... feed me!! Would love to hear what u think about it in a few months before I run out and get it... I don't want to attend anymore meetings (G.A.) g for gadgets.

tom delong

42" seems like a high workstation? Must not have any back problems if you can stand there for an extended period of time. Looks like something I would want in a "nook" like area.

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