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Some interesting things military history buffs might enjoy:
Lesser known facts about the French military...
-in primitive times ancient frenchmen actually surrendered to thunderstorms
-the Eiffel tower is tall enough for neighboring countries to easily view a white flag
-a frenchman will fight you to the death if you stand between him and a white flag
-to Americans the 2 most famous frenchmen are Inspector Clousseau and Pepe LePew
-the french enjoy selling arms to enemies of America and quite honestly America does not mind this because french equipment sucks
-it is rumored french people stink...this rumor comes from smelling them
-in the Cola wars france was occupied by Pepsi for several months
--Plagiarized from a source I can't remember now...I read these several years ago and just couldn't forget them.
Welcome back.


Dude...I cannot tell you HOW MANY TIMES that exact phrase came to my mind while riding the train!


What's it like to be surrounded by the smell of wolfpu**y all day long Brain?

Now that's funny!


have fun over there -- have enjoyed reading @ the trip but did time stop in hell, I mean Paris? Feed me Feed me. dooshbag is right... God does hate the French.

ps: be honest now... they do stink --(bo)


a.brain, i honestly believe that no one likes the French people in Paris, not even the French...no matter what you do, they will get offended about something...it's just what people do in Paris - they get offended...however, the other folks throughout France can be pretty cool...

just to have some fun, ask them if they prefer speaking German or French, and before they respond, say, "You're welcome"...ha ha...old history joke


nooooo not grouchy...absolutely happy! And tom, I don't think the proper authorities were notified...but my lojac is sitting on the night stand at home!


Seems to me that you're awfully grouchy considering that you're in Paris. You might need to work on that.

tom delong

a.brain in Paris? Oh no, did anyone warn the national press to turn off their newswire services while you travel abroad? Should we be concerned with international diplomacy at this point?

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