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I love the contrast as well, then again I'm not the type that has to have everything spelled out for me with the ear shattering audio pointed out before. The subtlety of the music in contrast to the gameplay I think was brilliant!


Being the first (apparently) to respond to the commercial here from the gaming community, I'll add that it does make the game appealing, if only because it's a shooter commercial that doesn't try to break your ears (for example, the Call of Duty 3 commercials) and yet shows off the action in the game. Plus, people creative enough for that mix were also likely to be involved in the game itself, which adds to the suspected value.


Hubby and I ran across this commercial on tv and I had him watch it to see what he thought... now when we're fast-forwarding through commercials on our DVR, he stops and watches that commercial every time!


I think it's excellent! Which would make me wonder how people from the target market are reacting to it.

Young Mr. Arvizu

To me it feels like the right solution. Not because I happen to like the song (which i do) or because i can be called a gamer (which i can't) but because it's unexpected. It's also a little provocative, i don't think the two elements go together very well at all. But that's just it, the creative force behind the scenes here took a risk by blending two unrelated pieces and in the end, we're here talking about it on a blog...jobs well done.


Maybe it's because I'm not the gamer type that Microsoft is talking to, but this didn't do anything for me one way or the other. Sounds like a good song though. I'm not sure where this fits, but have you seen the XBOX 360 games that Burger King is selling in their stores? They have like 3 games featuring the King character. I wonder if that is bringing in more peeps to their restaurants?

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