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Mr. Maier, absolutely coming first week of February for a speaking engagement, and would love to connect and catch up. Will hit you up closer to the date.

As an associate reminded me recently, "it's hard to take you serious in your new found passion for the Shuffle when your headphones cost more than the player."


Aw, Eric don't get a complex about your Shuffle. I'm sure it looks very nice (as nice as a giant stick hanging around your neck can look anyway.)I'm sure no one makes fun of your when your not around. Really!

Young Mr. Arvizu

i have to admit, i bought the original shuffle when it first came out and felt a little pretentious when i wore it visibly around my neck. But since then I've stopped caring about how it looks...until this post, thanks.

tom delong

I agree twiggyd - WAY cooler than than the previous shuffle. I am a shuffle owner myself and am proud to hide the thing when I don't want everyone to know that I am avoiding contact.


I bought one of these for my husband for Christmas. I don't know what it is about version of the shuffle that seems so much better since functionally they are the same, but I never even considered purchasing one of the old ones. Something about it exudes coolness...

christopher maier

i think the best part about the new shuffle is how you can hide it inside a beanie along with the idiot cords to your ears.

mr. a brain, are you still coming to the seattle area in the near future? we may not be paris, but we do have killer coffee. emailz me if you are, yo.

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