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shadow...know of at least one son of the south who learned to switch hit in baseball at the expense of the little light-butts!


The real fun in doing this is not watching them fling willy-nilly off the bat once you've hit them, but looking at your bat in the dark and seeing how many direct hits you have.
This was actually an approved sport for boys in the south during the 70 & 80s.


it says, my cover is blown!! good to hear from you C


Dude, I totally hit fireflies with whiffle bats too! No need to explain yourself there, the fact that they always light up as they fly through the air is all the reason anyone would need. And anyways, I would have guessed that about you, so what does that say about your cover? : )


Yeah, but I thought better than reaching around in front of him while he was driving...and I couldn't get him and the cross stitch in the same photo with my camera phone.

tom delong

I probably would have known the exact frame of the movie in which the space craft appeared.

Young Mr. Arvizu

I liked it better when you took their picture without their permission...

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