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Thanks for writing this.


Freddie Mercury? Seriously?

The photo is grainy, the image resolution is not quality...seriously? Freddie??

Thanks for the compliment on the site and I am very glad that you enjoyed the content...more photos to come - I hope I don't look like Freddie in those. Appreciate it...


This site is amazing!! Great job - very cool. Great article and shot! I called in my MKS Directors and we have been on here for about 2 1/2 hours!!! IMPRESSIVE. We all had to do a double take because you look very, very much like Freddie Mercury man! Enjoyed the site - will be back and will share with my teams! ckd

tom delong



I am here "anon", more photos to follow...more on Sunday too with the upcoming NY trip and the Waldorf Astoria. Be a nice contrast and compare.

More cool photos please -- Where is a. brain?

tom delong

Looks like you stay in some of the coolest joints. Although, taking pictures in a men's room is traditionaly frowned upon, I believe.

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