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tom delong

Maxwell House made an attempt at this years ago and it was not an enjoyable experience for me. The concept of a single user coffee maker appealed to me then, sounds like this company might have figured out the solve for my needs.



I hit my head enough as a younger man to make up for all the not-hitting-my-head statements now... and you suck


what's a "previoud" article? Did you hit your head (again)? haha.


Has anyone tried the Melitta One:One brewer? It is a lot cheaper than the Keurig. Sometimes you get what you pay for...but sometimes you can overpay for what is essentially the same product. It costs $48.99 at this site.


haha shadow...love the tie in to previoud articles! You and cancer could actually make ref's back several years - hang on tight...your new business cards are coming!!!



was going to say the same thing as Grace so I'll just give rep instead and join in saying: Green Mountain is a great company. If you buy one of these, do it from a company like GM.


Amen brother! Got my cool blue-glowing-screened-Keurig in my office at work and really enjoy it. Matter of fact, I use my big windmill to power the little blue screen and provide me with my no-preservative-added Kona coffee. Ahh, the good life.


I love my Keurig and the pods and packages are constructed with recycled materials. I like ordering pods from the website for convenience and savings. Green Mountain and Newman's Own, socially conscious companies, provide tasty K-cups.

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