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mr. A, I would love to help you find the drugs you so desperately need. I will keep looking though, and thanks for reading.

Young Mr. Arvizu

What?! No link to the order form?! This post was such a waste of my time, sheez!


Funny thing is, I always thought they should have made a cocaine-flavored Kool-Aid...

Seriously though, I think there ought to be some Kool-Aid that leaves a nasty taste in the back of your throat, requires snorting or rubbing on the gums to be ingested, and packs a real high/euphoric feeling. I could totally see that selling...I'd call it: Cocaine! Or, Cocaine-Aid...or, something.

ever tried regular cocaine a.brain? The flavor is not necessary

tom delong

Congrats a.brain - glad you have the phone. Does this mean you will update more often with it? ;)


posting this comment from my new iPhone! And yes...it is that AWESOME!!!

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