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no caviar...as a matter of fact, nothing French allowed at all! Champagne would definitely be frowned upon...never had a "meeting" as such, but have had several encounters. And the view...coupled with the intense privacy is beyond description.


Ahhh, private air travel! The good life as it were...benefits are no cattle line, and other people who you might not like traveling with. Negatives are a 30,000 plus feet high meeting space with no possibility to fake your way out of. Sometimes, I have been with co-workers in the air and had conversations I would have rather avoided, other times, we just drink champagne and eat caviar. So, it's good and bad! How about your plane...any caviar?


i'm still laughing at the air waitress comments...you may claim you kept your cool, but you can't even think those thoughts unless you were harboring medieval torture plans! ...i know...
by the way, i contend having your on airplane would solve some of these problems but only make other more expensive ones. i know you've done some private air travel any words on that?


The pictures you've place in my head will entertain me for days. Thanks for the laugh!


awesome article...and in the words of a good brother man, this is gonna be sweeeeeet...

tom delong

Hilarious and poignant! If everyone thought like you did I am sure we would have a few less angry people in the world and a bit more nudity, apparently.

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