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Great ref Saltation! Totally needed that one...so true.


Sturgeon's Law holds ever true...


Token - cat lover?

Busted! I do have a word-a-day calendar. Man, I knew that would come back to bite me in the ass. Speaking of biting in the posterior...after I finish my work tonight and run a session Tuesday...I will respond in full to Token.


Token-good call on comparison shopping...every site has its own strong points. I've always enjoyed this one for the quick wit. BTW, Samuel Clemens once said, "People who are brutally honest enjoy the brutality more than the honesty." My new word for the day is 'brutality'


Great article and awesome post by Shawdow!!! However, let us be honest - This site has become the very issue you are ranting about! We used to check your blog daily until it became inconsistent and average. I check many, many sites daily because of this site's exposure before it because average at best. Pursuing more writing?! You might want to take a writing class or get someone to proof before you publish or quit your day job!! WAY too many errors and obvious "look I learned a new word" phrases.


DAMNIT Shadow! You and the retarded cat statement...burned me for the last time with that one my friend. Some people are just trusting souls.(not really trusting...but recognize funny)

Well said though, love your efficient response, and their is a lot to be said for clarity in those two tenets. Efficiency and usefulness make content; necessary, vital, and digestible. All which ultimately add to clarity. Personally, I am on a mission of clarity today. Thanks for the great posting.


plus, is it me? Or does that picture mean that 99% of all the cats in the world are retarded due to inbreeding?


in this new high-powered world of professional acronyms & snazzy 'catch-your-eye' designs, shouldn't efficiency carry the yeoman's share of responsibility?
efficiency of humor...
efficiency of useful facts...
efficiency of applicable truths...
After that I'd burden utility:
usefulness of espoused facts...
usefulness of info prima facie...
usefulness of site to objective...
I mention these tenets Brain, because I contend they are the basic means to relaying useful points quickly...which is THE primary benefit of the internet. Pictures add weight, sound adds depth, color adds drama...these are easily attached to a site/info.
BUT, it's the efficiency of info and utility that will drive the site above mediocrity.


A big-time job indeed Tom, writing is only one part of it...and YMA...you might want to contact me - love to talk to you.

Anon - too true...all the passion in the world does not equate to quality. Training and creativity, not only in that order, are requirements.

When desktop publishing first came out, the world said "everyone can be a designer!" Turns out that, unless you were talented and trained as a designer, desktop tools didn't mean squat. The rules of talent and training still apply.

Young Mr. Arvizu

So who do you have in mind to design this new dynamic site, that's what I want to know...

tom delong

Seriously a.brain where are you going? Are you talking some big-time writing job?

Great post though, far too long have we been held hostage by the internet dulldrums. Break the reigns!

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