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I just moved to NC from NY my grades for physical science were really good. I had almost all 90's when i first started for the first 9 weeks. Now they are really bad i've been getting 50's and its getting closer to the EOC's. why is this happening?


Young Mr. Arvizu

wow, when you read the post below really fast, it kind of says "Brain Cancer"...

What the hell is going on around here so that I'm reduced to this kind of observation for entertainment?!

brain cancer though, it is kind of funny.


I miss you Brain...


Where the hell is this site???

Young Mr. Arvizu

it's Thursday, what gives?

andy ford

I hope you make the move over Tom. Have loved having you along for the ride, and it wouldn't be the same without you.

tom delong

Been a "loyal" for the last three years. I suppose if the same cast of characters comes along for the ride I will be bringing my Firefox with me. I'm going to miss BrainBlenders though.

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